Nada Eman
Sport Events and Tourist Post-Visit Behavioural Intentions in the Construction of a Tourism Destination Image: The Case of the Egyptian Red Sea Resort of El Gouna.
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the role of sport events and the influence of active sport tourist post-visit behavioural intentions in the construction of the destination image of the Egyptian Red Sea (El Gouna). The study follows a mixed method pragmatic approach where the data is collected concurrently via questionnaires from 188 active sport tourists who participated in three sport events in El Gouna namely the International Squash Open 2017, the International Half Marathon and the Triathlon event. Also, semi-Structured interviews were conducted with six stakeholders in the field of sport tourism and destination image in the Red Sea area. According to this study, all the seven hypotheses were supported and deeper knowledge was generated through investigating the diverse perspectives of stakeholders in the field. The study’s results showed that there is a strong effect of sport events’ image on the destination image of El Gouna, furthermore the results showed that there is an effect of the destination image of El Gouna on the tourist’s intention to revisit the destination and recommending the destination to others moderated by the overall satisfaction level of active tourists. Also, the study showed that there is an increasing effort dedicated to the field of destination image and sport tourism from different stakeholders in the area. This research has theoretical and practical original contribution. The study fills a research gap and adds to the theoretical background in the fields of destination image, sport events and tourists’ behaviour in Egypt. This study integrates a number of variables in a new context which is the Red Sea area. This research has practical contribution through providing insights to the factors that can enhance the effectiveness of hosting sport events in relation to destination image building. It offers the practitioners a scientific and holistic picture of the destination image of El Gouna that can be used in the destination branding and promotion plans. This research can benefit different decision makers in the field of destination image and sport tourism. In addition, the research results are discussed and linked to the research aim and research conclusion is presented. Furthermore, research limitation, implications and direction for future study are presented in relation to the research results generated from the quantitative and qualitative data.