Yasmin R Mohamed
Analyzing the transport performance and future development of the tanker barge market in the ARA - Rhine region
The inland tanker market in the Antwerp - Rotterdam - Amsterdam (ARA) -Rhine region is characterized by a very dynamic and volatile sector. In this sector is also known as one of the most modern inland tanker shipping sectors in the world. In this sector many new and large tank barges are active. This market consist out of two main sub-sectors. The first one is the mineral sector (crude oil, fuels and fuel derivatives) and the second one is the chemical sector. The total tank barge market is also characterized by high volatility on the supply side (due to fluctuating water levels on the river Rhine) but also on the demand side (such as fuel trade, crude oil price). The main objective of this paper is to provide an insight into the inland tanker barge sector and to research the factors that are impacting the transport volume of the tank barge sector by means of an error correction model (ECM).