Mai S El-Falaki
Reconstructing Egyptian Identity: A Cultural Discourse Study of Egyptian Slang
The present study extends the research done in El-Falaky (2016) examining the properties, problems and potentials of slang as a sociolinguistic practice in the lives of Egyptian Cairean society. Historically and economically, Egyptian society has an ancient heritage of societal norms and values which is why Egyptian cultural discourses must be studied holistically. This paper studies the phenomenon of slang, both qualitatively and quantitatively, with regard to how such a culturally saturated sociolinguistic feature is practiced by its users and how it is deeply rooted in the lives of the local people of Egypt. Thus, the purpose of this study is to reveal the real potentials of slang as a cultural-intellectual discourse in which creativity excels as a type of co-existence within the socio-cultural constituents in Egypt. The study adopts a cultural discourse approach for the analysis of slang as used by the locally grounded people of Egypt.