Wael M Khattab
Maritime Education and Training: Distance Learning, (Maritime Research Journal, June – 2007)
Computers are part of our daily lives. They are part of the control, operation & maintenance of sophisticated devices around us. At the educational front, education experts have realised that the future is in information technology and computers. What has really aided the transform is the huge development in the computer industry itself from large, expensive, slow units with a small memory capacity, to smaller, faster, cheaper small units, indeed some are mobile laptops. The Internet has been instrumental in changing users’ habits and expectations in computers. What is the Internet? The Internet is a network of networks, linking computers to computers to provide to access information. Satellites and their capabilities have also played a major role in the revolution of information technology: They aid transform of information, communications, within seconds from one part of the earth to the other. Making it possible, to access Internet & e-mails while in the middle of the ocean, at a 30,000 feet altitude. Maritime education also aims to adapt to the new changes, as “Computers and computing are the catalyst behind many changes affecting maritime industry operations” Muirhead (2002).