Nada Morsi
Events as an Internal Communication Tool Integrating
aim of this research study is to explore how to integrate corporate values effectively through internal events as an internal communication tool. There is quite few evidence about the understanding of the link between internal communication, internal events and employee’s perception of corporate values. Thus, the study explores it by conducting six in-depth interviews with managers and employees of a local company in Egypt, which uses internal events for communicating corporate values. Content analysis was used. The findings of this study explored and provided some insights as how events as a communication tool help communicate effectively the firm’s values which ultimately reflect on the overall performance and the company’s profitability and success. The results of the study revolved around six themes, which are awareness, face-to-face communication, Integration of communication tools, involvement, frequency and feedback. This was identified from the secondary research conducted. The research is useful for companies who want to know more about internal communication applications and practices concerning the added value of using events to communicate effectively corporate value towards employees. Academically, it will add to the body of knowledge about the new trends in the communication mix and more generally within events. This study sets the pace for more future work on this untapped research area.