Mohamed H Salem
Transformation of the Urban Space in Historic Cairo: Creative Place Making in Al-Husayn Mosque Context
The research explores the sense of place around mosques in historic Cairo. Throughout the year makeovers take place around iconic mosques in Historic Cairo. This paper explore the features that play a role in the transformations that take place in al-Husayn square. The square’s physical form appears as a rigid space. People actions, the occupation of their activities and the changes in the physical conditions lead to change this abstract space into a “loose space” as described by Karen A. Franck and Quentin Stevens (2013). The study is focusing on the physical aspects and the changes occurring in different times and during events throughout the year at al-Husayn Mosque foreground space. The research is conducted through observation, description and analyzing the scene and the activities that take place in the same space during events. The field study will describe and analyze the space in its abstract form and during religious festivals. Observations will be analyzed through maps and sketches of the actual physical setting. In the field study findings, analysis is discussed and related to theories of place and time.