Dynamic Positioning Maintenance

Course Code: ODP 903

Duration: 32 Hr 4 D

Course Objectives:

The course is Designed for Marine Engineers, Electro–Technical officers, Marine Electricians and shore
base Technical Managers with responsibilities of maintaining systems onboard dynamically positioned
vessels. Course has two part as follows:

Part A:
• Theoretical and Technical training on DP Stations.
• Practical examples on several equipment early and sophisticated models
• A comparison between the differences of various types of DP systems.

Part B:
• Provide more Knowledge and skills to enhance trainee’s added value.
• One day on – sight training onboard one a DP vessels carrying out a real maneuvers on the
existing DP equipment (This option is per company request).

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to DP expertise and principles.
2. System arrangement, DP class requirements, Sensors and Position Reference Systems .
3. Thrusters power Management System.
4. Practical Operation, Interface, Cable Layout and checks on.
5. Technical aspects and fault finding.

Entry Requirements
Marine Engineering background /ETO/ Classification Society Engineers.

Course Approval
General Electric attendance certificate.

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