Dynamic Positioning Induction

Course Code: ODP 901

Duration: 32 Hr 4 D

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course the student should have acquired a knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning, be able to set up a dynamic positioning system and have an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems. He/she should be able to recognize and respond to the various alarms, warning and information messages. He/she should also be able to relate the DP installation to the ship system, e.g. power supply, maneuvering facility, available position reference systems and nature of work. He/she should also be able to relate DP operations to the existing environmental conditions of wind, sea state, current and vessel movement.

Course Outline:

1. Definition of DP and the six degrees of freedom
2. DP control and elements of a DP system.
3. Types of DP vessels and DP operations.
4. Introduction to Position Measurement Systems, Heading, Motion & Environmental Sensors.
5. Setup and operation of commonly used position references.
6. Input validation and error testing of position sensors.
7. Setting-up and monitoring the DP system.
8. Vessel capability, DP consequence analysis and DP capability analysis
9. Power systems and Blackout Prevention
10. Recognizing system alarms and warnings
11. Recognizing the limiting conditions presented by wind, seas and current
12. DP Operating procedures including maintaining a logbook record and use of checklists.
13. Types of thrusters and manoeuvring systems their configuration, capabilities and limitations
14. Assessment of Vessel Capabilities
15. DP class notations.
16. Practical DP Simulator Exercises

Entry Requirements
Deck Officer (STCW Regulation II/1 - II/2 - II/3)
Engineer (STCW Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3) Certificate of Competence.

Course Approval
Nautical Institute approval, and NI log Book will be awarded.

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