Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Operator Communication Course

Course Code: CCS 08/00

Duration: 25 Hr 5D

Course Objectives:

This course prepares the VTS operators to be able to co-ordinate communications between the VTS center, participating shipping, allied services and other marine related agencies. It covers how to co-ordinate the communication in a VTS area theoretical and practical wise, including the requirements for providing communications to support an information service, navigational assistance service or traffic organization service. It also provides an understanding of communications co-ordination requirements in emergency situations and the regulations relating to communications co-ordination requirements for VTS areas. The course provides enough understanding and practice to the trainees to enable them to priorities, relay and co-ordinate various types of communication between marine and marine related agencies both on board ships and in shore facilities for different situations and their associated responses using SMCP in VTS areas. All the exercises will be carried out on simulated communications stations for realistic practice.

Course Outline:

  • Telecommunications (Module three)
  • Aids to Navigation (Module four)
  • Navigational Aids
  • General communication skills (Module five)
  • Communication: Data collection. - Communication plane of action. and more
  • Log and record keeping

Course Exercises

  • Practical exercises on the VHF and its DSC terminals for ease of use.
  • Practical exercises by using those terminals for familiarization of different formats of marine communications using international codes and SMCPs.
  • Practical exercise on VTS reporting system.

Entry Requirements
The trainee should hold ROC at least and has good command in English language.

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