GMDSS Equipment Maintenance Course (level I)

Course Code: CCS 07/01

Duration: 57 Hr 15D

Course Objectives:

This course is intended to give theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient to technicians, GMDSS operators and professional yachtsmen who are required to provide basic maintenance on the radio equipment. This course provides both theoretical and practical training that starts with component assembly level and basic electronic circuit reaching to the main GMDSS circuit board troubleshooting.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to GMDSS system.
  • Fundamentals of electronic components and circuits.
  • Basic electronic circuit design and measurements.
  • Electronic circuit tracing.
  • Introduction to analog and digital communication.
  • Antenna types and feed lines.
  • Electrical health and safety.
  • Fault finding in GMDSS station.

Course Exercises
Practical operational procedures on the followings:

  • Electronic circuits design and tracing.
  • Fault finding in GMDSS station.

Entry Requirements
The trainee should hold ROC and has a good command in English language.

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