GMDSS-GOC Refreshment Course

Course Code: CCS 03/00

Duration: 25 Hr 5D

Course Objectives:

It is an updated course for mariners who have taken their GMDSS qualification which has expired, or which is about to expire and to whom want to keep fully up to date, and fully aware of current developments and procedures. This course is conducted with an emphasis on the practical elements of GMDSS radio equipment operation especially in sailing areas A1, A2, A3 and A4.

Course Outline:

  • Maritime radio communications principles.
  • GMDSS communication systems.
  • Other GMDSS equipment.
  • General MF and HF knowledge and radio propagation.
  • Satellite communication.

Course Exercises
Practical operational procedures including the followings:

  • Inmarsat-C SES.
  • Inmarsat Fleet-77 SES.
  • MF and HF RT transceiver with DSC.
  • MF and HF Radio telex transceiver with DSC.
  • Distress Message Controller (DMC).
  • Satellite EPIRB.
  • 9-GHz SART.

Entry Requirements
The trainee should be 3rd, 2nd, 1st mate officer or master, person who has a license of the old communication system, communication engineer, SAR person, or VTS person.

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