General Operator’s Certificate ‘GOC’ Course

Course Code: CCS 01/00

Duration: 50 Hr 10D

Course Objectives:

This comprehensive course is designed to thoroughly train all the radio operation personnel, ashore and afloat, in the operation of the GMDSS equipments through lectures and hands-on simulator sessions. State of the art GMDSS simulated communication equipments accurately replicate the real GMDSS’s s based upon the STCW-1978 convention and its amendments set by the IMO. A trainee who has successfully completing the GOC course and passing its exam will be able to set for the official exam by the authority to get his GMDSS license and be able to operate all the GMDSS equipment safely and efficiently in different situations. In particular, the trainee will have primary responsibility to control the radio communications during distress incidents.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to GMDSS.
  • GMDSS communication systems.
  • Principles of maritime radio communications.
  • Distress, Urgency, Safety and Routine communications.
  • SOLAS radio regulations.
  • Practical operational procedures for general communications.

Course Exercises
Practical operational procedures including the followings:

  • VHF RT terminal.
  • SSB and NBDP terminals.
  • DSC-VHF and DSC-MF and HF operation.
  • Inmarsat-C including EGC.
  • NAVTEX terminal.
  • EPIRB, SART and portable GMDSS VHF operations.

Entry Requirements

The trainee should be 2nd, 1st mate officer, master, license holder of the old communication system, communication engineer, VTS officer, or SAR officer. The trainee should have a good command in English Language.

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