Ship–To–Ship Transfer Operation Simulator (STS)

Course Code: MSS 910

Duration: 40 Hr. 5D

Course Objectives:

To meet the requirements set out in the “OCIMF” Ship to Ship transfer Guide and Chapter 8 of MARPOL Annex I , as amended by Resolution MEPC,186(59).

Course Outline:

  • Express the effects on ship handling of the hydrodynamic phenomena occurring between the ships in dependence of the ship speed and relative position. 
  • Recognize the effects of controllable, uncontrollable and Semi Controllable forces. 
  • The recommended approach plan and the need for alternative plan (underway –at anchor –with tugs –without tugs) and physical properties of the fenders 
  • Incorporate existing operational procedures in the trade including checklists in the course. 
  • Perform exercises with training objectives approved by experienced STS lecturer and other experienced personnel. 
  • Description of the actions involved in handling the ship safely and efficiently from any approach location until moored alongside the STBL / Mother Ship 
  • Human limitations. 
  • Emergency escape handling procedures. 
  • Cargo Hose arrangements. 
  • The Departure procedures. 
  • STS Risk Assessment.

Who should attend: 

STS Superintendent – Marine Pilots – Marine Masters and Mates – Mooring Masters – STS Supervisors

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