Training the Simulator Trainer – Assessor

Course Code: MSS 750

Duration: 40 Hr. 5D

Course Objectives:

(Based on IMO Model Course NO. (2012-6.10Edition)

This course aims to provide knowledge and skills for trainees to administer, supervise and assess training and learning facilitated by simulators for the achievement of the competencies set out in the STCW Convention as amended with particular reference to STCW Regulation I/6, STCW Code A-I/6 on “training and assessment” as well as STCW Regulation I/12, STCW Code A-I/12 on “use of simulators”. The course contents are premised on a consideration of the contents of IMO Model Course 6.10 – Train the simulator trainer and assessor.

Course Outline:

  • Appreciate the range of simulators available for MET
  • Have developed specific simulator instructor and assessor knowledge and skills with respect to the psychology of learning, instructor trainees
  • Interaction, fidelity and transfer-ability of training
  • Identify training needs of different levels of simulator trainees
  • Plan, organize and deliver training via simulators
  • Communicate effectively in the delivery of simulator-based training
  • Appreciate the potential limitations of simulator-based training
  • Assess learning outcomes
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