Ship Handling & Maneuvering Simulator (Huge Container Ship)

Course Code: MSS 679

Duration: 32 Hr. 4D

Course Objectives:

The aim of this course is to perform the best practice in handling huge ships the marine simulator system provides 3 types of huge simulation modules:

  • Ultra large Crude Oil Carriers ULCC – LOA = 345 m (Ballast – Half Load – Laden).
  • LNG “Q. Max.” LOA= 345 m, Q. Flexible = 315 m.
  • A13 container vessel LOA = 398m.

The course enables master and pilots to carry out their duties safely and efficiently and provides updating and refreshes trainees to ensure the continuation of their proficiency. Familiarity of handling huge ships at different locations:

  • Ras Tannurah Terminal
  • Damietta LNG terminal
  • Al Ahmadi Terminal and SPM
  • Singapore – Fujairah SBM – Vopak

Pilots and Masters will be able to plan berthing, un-berthing and anchoring, taking into account the prevailing conditions of wind and tide, inertia and engine limitations and to calculate the wind and current effecting huge ships. Pilots and masters will be trained in how to perform risk assessment and passage planning for their ports.

Course Outline:

Course Outline:

  • Maneuvering information on board ships.
  • Embarking / disembarking pilots.
  • Wind and current effects.
  • Bank, channel and interaction effects.
  • Anchoring and single-buoy moorings.
  • Berthing / un-berthing Large Ships under various conditions and at different locations.

Simulator Exercises:

The course is covered by multi-simulated exercises including mooring, unmooring and emergency situations in different environmental conditions. The area of interest can be established by ISC Database Center if needed.

Course Approval:

  • Port Authority Administration (Geographical areas).
  • Maritime Company Requirement

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