Dynamic Positioning Induction Course

Course Code: MSS 502

Duration: 4 days

Course Objectives:

To provide basic knowledge of Dynamic Positioning (DP), principles and practical use of DP systems to Navigators, DP System Operator trainees, Vessel Masters, Mates, and personnel closely associated with day-to-day DP system operation who would like to start the Nautical Institute’s DP Operator certification scheme.

Course Outline:

  • Definition of DP and the six degrees of freedom
  • DP control and elements of a DP system.
  • Types of DP vessels and DP operations.
  • Introduction to Position Measurement Systems, Heading, Motion & Environmental Sensors.
  • Setup and operation of commonly used position references.
  • Input validation and error testing of position sensors.
  • Setting-up and monitoring the DP system.
  • Vessel capability, DP consequence analysis and DP capability analysis
  • Power systems and Blackout Prevention
  • Recognizing system alarms and warnings
  • Recognizing the limiting conditions presented by wind, seas and current
  • DP Operating procedures including maintaining a logbook record and use of checklists.
  • Types of thrusters and manoeuvring systems; their configuration, capabilities and limitations
  • Assessment of Vessel Capabilities
  • DP class notations.
  • Practical DP Simulator Exercises

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