Ship Handling & Maneuvering Simulator

Course Code: MSS 16

Duration: 40 Hr. 5D

Course Objectives:

The aim of this course is to give the trainees the experience of handling ships effectively and to be aware of all factors affecting the maneuvering and handling of ships. The trainees will be able to plan berthing, un-berthing and anchoring, taking into account the prevailing conditions of wind and tide.

Course Outline:

Course Outline:

  • Review of basic principles.
  • Familiarization with the bridge.
  • Standard maneuvers.
  • Wind and current effects.
  • Shallow water effects.
  • Bank, channel and interaction effects.
  • Berthing and un-berthing with and without tugs.
  • Anchoring and mooring.
  • Planning and carrying out a voyage.

Simulator Exercises:

The course is covered by multi-simulated exercises in different environmental conditions with different types of ships executed in Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator (FMSS 360).

Course Approval:
The person successfully completing this course will have successfully demonstrated:

  • STCW required competencies: Maneuver the Ship (Table A-II/1)
  • Maneuver and Handle a Ship in All Conditions, (Table A-II/2)
  • Advanced Ship handling requirements for Master/Chief Mate

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