code TM435
credit_hours 3
title New Trends in Tourism Industry
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prequisites TM335
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides a review for the future trends in tourism and its evolution in the world. It tackles major issues appearing in the global, national and domestic tourism industry. It handles topics such as mergers and acquisitions in the tourism industry. It states the aspects and forms of collaboration between various stakeholders. It reviews methods of crises management in tourist destinations. It also introduces the issue of globalization and emerging tourism education issues. It states the trends and management issues for cultural tourism. It tackles the trends in destination branding. Finally, it applies the effect of the new trends on the Egyptian tourism industry.
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objectives Introduce general trends in the past and the present in addition to expected future ones. Understand reasons for such new trends, such as, globalizations and international agreements. Apply management strategies to deal with such trends and the important role of education in this issue.
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1 Global Trends of Tourism in the Past and Present History of Tourism Changing Social Structures and Values Implications and challenges for Travel and Tourism
2 Crises Management The Nature of Crises Types of Crises in Tourist Destination Crises Management and contingency plans in Tourist Destination Damage Assessment and crises recovery in Tourist Destination
3 Future Trends in Tourism and its evolution in the world Links between Transport and Tourism (past, present and future) Tourist attraction evolution analysis and prospects Tourism in the era of Information Technology
4 Role of Tourism Education and Training Evolution of Tourism Education Tourism Research Platforms Information and Communication Technology Quality Improvement of Knowledge Transfer Development of Learning and Communication Skills in Web based Environment
5 Mergers and acquisition in Tourism Industry Mergers Acquisition Strategic alliances
6 Trends in Destination Identity and Branding Cultural Politics: Framing and Narratives Social Identities Contested Cultures: Collusion and diffusing of histories Mediated culture
7 Collaboration between various stakeholders Stakeholders Theory Different types of Stakeholders Importance of Stakeholders involvement Role of each Stakeholder ways of collaboration