code TM434
credit_hours 3
title Tourism Policy
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prequisites TM335
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides a definition of policy and strategy. It presents with tourism policy, its definition, structure, content and process. It tackles tourism policy in developing and developed countries and the tourism policy and international relations. This course introduces tourism policy formulation and product development policy and environmental protection, policy of tourism prosperity, creation of new tourism area and encouraging investments. The course states the main outline of a national tourism plan, the policy of developing public awareness of tourism and raising the level of services offered to the clients, developing domestic tourism to enhance people?s moral health and enhancing tourism services through training and education. In addition, it states the importance of tourism policy in the future.
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objectives Define policy, strategy, scope and structure and limitation of tourism policy. Compare tourism policy in developed and developing countries. Predict the future of tourism policy based on past, general and specific strategies.
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Course Content
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1 Introducing Policy and Strategy Define Policy Define Strategy Differences between Policy and Strategy
2 Strategies of Tourism General Strategies Specific Strategies
3 Tourism Policy Structure Scope Process Limitations
4 Main Outline of National Tourism Plan Concept Components Outline
5 Tourism Policy Worldwide Developing countries Developed countries Underdeveloped countries
6 Tourism Policy and International Relations Tourism Foreign Diplomacy and Trade Restrictions and Restraints International Tourism Policies instate of socialist countries Case studies
7 Tourism Policy Formulation Role of the State Role of the Private Sector
8 Future Tourism Policy Transportation and Communication impacts on Tourism Entering International Market place Environment and Tourism Tourism and Peace