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title Tourism and Transportation
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Description/Outcomes This course serves as introductions to the tourist transport its concepts and methods of analysis. It introduces the approaches to the analysis of tourist transport from the multidisciplinary perspectives. It explores the role of government policy and tourist transport regulation versus privatization. This course analyzes the demand for tourist travel and the supply issues in tourist transport. It introduces methods of managing supply issues in tourist transport and managing tourist infrastructure especially the role of the airports. It tackles the human and environmental impact of tourist travel using the approach towards sustainability. Finally, the course explores the prospects and challenges for tourist transport provision (global, national and local issues).
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objectives Understand a number of conceptual and empirical issues associated with the way multidisciplinary researchers approach the study of the transport-tourism interface. Discuss the scope of progress in tourism and transport in the new millennium. Understand how transport and tourism studies are functionally linked and integral to the wider understanding of tourism development.
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1 Understanding Tourist Transport : Concepts and Methods of Analysis Tourism Studies and tourist transport The tourist transport system: a framework for analysis The nature and scope of tourist transport: modes of travel
2 Analyzing Supply Issues in Tourist Transport The state and the supply of tourist transport The supply chain in tourist services Integration in the tourism sector: implications for the supply of tourist transport
3 Approaches to the Analysis of Tourist Transport: Multidisciplinary Perspectives The economist and tourist transport The pricing of air travel: case studies Geography and tourist transport Globalization and tourist transport
4 Managing Supply Issues in Tourist Transport Business strategies and the transport sector Strategic alliances and cooperation E- travel and the transport and tourism sector The supply of tourist transport in destination areas
5 The Role of Government Policy and Tourist Transport regulation versus Privatization The role of government policy and tourist transport Interpreting transport policy: implications for tourist travel Formulating state level tourist transport policy Privatization and the UK rail system: lessons for government
6 Managing Tourist Infrastructure: the Role of the Airport The management challenge of tourist transport terminals Airport planning and development
7 Analyzing the Demand for Tourist Travel The international demand for the tourist travel Motivation, tourist transport research and psychological issues Infrastructure development in developing countries Forecasting demand for tourist transport
8 Human and Environmental Impacts of Tourist Transport: Toward Sustainability The human consequences of modern tourist travel The environmental impact of tourist transport Environmental auditing and tourist transport
9 Prospects and Challenges for Tourist Transport Provision: Global, National and Local issues Tourist transport provision in the new millennium: the challenge of globalization Service quality issues