code TM335
credit_hours 3
title Tourism Planning and Environment
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prequisites TM233
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides a background for tourism planning and presents the approach to tourism planning. This course tackles the regional and national planning level, especially the planning process and general surveys, tourist attractions and activities, tourist markets, facilities, services, and infrastructure, planning analysis and synthesis and tourism policy and plan formulation. This course provides a framework community planning level especially for planning tourist resorts, planning urban and other forms of tourism, planning tourist attractions and the development and design standards. This course also considers the environmental and socio-economic aspects of tourism. It presents the institutional elements and plan implementation. It tackles planning the institutional elements of tourism and tourism plan implementation.
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objectives Introduce a back ground and approaches to tourism planning. Understand the planning process, its levels and stages. Know the planning for various types and components of tourism. Distinguish between strategic and operational planning. Differentiate between policy and planning Implement the plan.
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1 Background for Tourism Planning Historical Development of Tourism Contemporary Tourism Trends Evolution of Tourism Planning The Tourist and the Tourism System
2 Tourism Markets, Facilities, Services of Infrastructure Tourist Market Survey Survey of Tourist Facilities and Services Survey of Transportation and other Infrastructures
3 Approach to Tourism Planning General Concepts of Planning Tourism Planning Concepts Levels and types of Tourism Planning
4 Planning Analysis and Synthesis General Analysis Approach Market Analysis Determining Tourist Facility and Infrastructure Needs Integrated Analysis and Synthesis Establishing Carrying Capacity
5 Various Planning Phases Strategic Planning Phases Strategic versus Operational Planning National versus Regional Planning
6 Tourism Policy and Plan Formulation Formulating Tourism Policy Techniques of Plan Formulation
7 The Planning Process and General Survey National and Regional Tourism Planning Process General Survey of the area Characteristics Survey of Institutional Elements
8 Community Level of Tourism Planning Planning of Tourist Resorts Planning Urban and other forms of Tourism Planning Tourist Attractions Development and Design Standards
9 Tourist Attractions and Activities Approach to Survey and Evaluation Other attractions considerations Survey and Evaluation Techniques
10 Environmental and Socioeconomic Considerations Environmental Impacts Socioeconomic Impact