code TM234
credit_hours 3
title Tourism Economics
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prequisites EI131
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces students to recreation, leisure and tourism organizations and the market for recreation, leisure and tourism products. Then, it explores the External Environment, stating the competitive, technological, political, socio-cultural environments and the economic environment. It presents investment in the private sector and investment in the public sector. This course aims to address the economic impacts including tourism income, tourism employment and prices of the tourism products. Then, it tackles the economic development and regeneration. It also explores the global economy considering the balance of payments and exchange rates and the globalization from the economic perspective. Finally, the course presents environmental economics especially environmental impacts and action for sustainability.
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objectives Use a theory base of economics to study travel and tourism. Understand some of the central issues in tourism to which economic analysis can contribute. Apply Microeconomics and Macroeconomics within the travel and tourism context.
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Course Content
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1 Recreation, Leisure and Tourism Organization Public sector organizations Private sector organizations
2 Economic Impacts Macro and Micro Income Employment Price Economic development and regeneration
3 Markets for Recreation, Leisure and Tourism Products Demand for recreation, leisure and tourism products Supply of recreation, leisure and tourism products
4 Global Economy Balance of payment Exchange rate Globalization
5 External Environment Competitive environment Technological environment Political environment Sociocultural environment Economic environment
6 Environmental Economics Environmental impacts Actions for sustainability
7 Investment Private sector investments Public sector investments