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credit_hours 3
title Principles of Tourism
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Description/Outcomes The course aim is to give a basic introduction of the tourism industry and its importance and contribution to societies. This course provides a definition of tourism and its benefits and costs. It introduces students to history and inception of tourism. It covers topics such as tourism through the ages, tourist and phases of tourism development and career opportunities. Then, it covers tourism components and supply, attractions and passengers and transportation. It tackles the international tourism movement, its distribution among various regions of the world and factors leading to the enhancement of the tourism industry allover the world. Then, it gives an idea about principles of tourist motivation, tourism sociology, and tourism marketing.
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objectives Understand a broad overview of tourism, history, concepts, components ???. etc. Examine the various disciplines contributing to the study of tourism. Learn about travel motivations, behavior and sociology. Look at projections for tourism into the future, based on present and past statistics.
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1 Definition and History of Tourism Early beginnings Early and later tourist attractions The first travel agents Historic transportation
2 Attraction Mix of a destination Attractions Gaming Recreation and Entertainment Festivals and Events Shopping
3 Benefits and Costs of Tourism Economic importance Components of tourism and tourism management
4 Passenger Transportation Airline industry Rail industry Motor coach industry Automobile industry Cruise industry
5 Career Opportunities Job forecasts Job requirements - Career path in tourism
6 Motivation of Tourism and Purpose of Travel A focus on customer The need for a theory The development of motivation models
7 Tourism Components and tourism Supply and Demand Supply components Demand to a destination Matching supply and demand Measuring demand
8 Sociology of Tourism Effects on the industry Effects on the family Effects on the society Life characteristics and travel
9 Tourism Marketing Marketing concepts Marketing mix Marketing segmentation Marketing planning