code SE493
credit_hours 3
title Software Quality Assurance
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prequisites SE291
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Study of issues related to the uniqueness of software quality assurance (SQA). Topics include the environments for SQA methods, Software errors and failures, Software quality factors, SQA architecture, Contract review, Quality plans, Formal technical reviews, Software testing strategies and implementations, Automated testing tools, CASE tools and quality, Infrastructure component of SQA system.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Identify the unique characteristics and environment of SQA.
2. Identify the various causes of software errors.
3. Explain the need for comprehensive software quality requirements documents.
4. Explain the SQA architecture that contains the components of SQA system.
5. Discuss the importance of carrying out a contract review.
6. Identify the elements of a quality plan.
7. Identify the major software risk items.
8. Compare the major review methodologies.
9. Describe the various types of testing strategies and implementations.
10. Compare automated testing and manual testing.
11. List the contributions of CASE tools to product quality.
12. Describe the importance of infrastructure component of SQA system.
arabic objectives
ref. books Watts S. Humphrey, TSP (SM) Leading a Development Team, Addison-Wesley Professional.
arabic ref. books
textbook Daniel Galin, Software Quality Assurance: From Theory to Implementation, Pearson.
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