code SE392
credit_hours 3
title Software Requirements and Specifications
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prequisites SE291
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course provides an overview of software development aspects, Analyzing the problem, Understanding user and stakeholder needs (interviewing), Defining the system, constructing structural models, ( UML: Class diagram), Constructing dynamic model, ( UML: Use-Case diagram, UML: sequence diagram), Requirement validation and checking, From Use Cases to implementation, Tracing requirements, and Agile requirements methods.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Design and conduct interviews, questionnaires, observations and documents investigation.
2. Develop a software requirement document.
3. Understand the concepts of user requirements and system requirements.
4. Understand the differences between Functional and non-Functional requirements.
5. Develop a UML class diagram.
6. Develop a UML use case diagram.
7. Develop a UML sequence diagram.
8. Understand the requirements engineering processes and requirements validation.
9. Manage requirement changes.
arabic objectives
ref. books 1- James C. Robertson and Suzanne Robertson, Mastering the Requirements Process, Addison–Wesley professional.
2-Dean Leffingwell and Don widrig, Managing Software Requirements: A use case Approach, Addison–Wesley.
arabic ref. books
textbook Karl Wiegers, Joy Beatty, Software Requirements (Developer Best Practices), Microsoft Press.
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