code SE391
credit_hours 3
title Project Management
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prequisites SE291
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The future of many organizations depends on their ability to harness the power of information technology, and good project managers continue to be in high demand. The aim of this course is to help develop and deepen the effectiveness of project management and project teams. This course applies the 10 project management knowledge areas and all five process groups to information technology projects. In this course students learn about the project management knowledge areas, which are: integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, risk, communications, procurement, and stakeholder management. They also learn about the five process groups are initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Moreover, practice sessions are provided for implementing different case studies in group work, and discussing different aspects of project management.
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objectives 1. Describe project management and discuss key elements of the project management framework, including project stakeholders, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success
2. Understand the role of the project manager by describing what project managers do, what skills they need, and what the career field is like for information technology project managers
3. Describe the systems view of project management and how it applies to information technology projects
4. Understand organizations, including the four frames, organizational structures, and organizational culture
5. Understand the concept of a project phase and the project life cycle and distinguish between project development and product development
6. Describe the five project management (PM) process groups, the typical level of activity for each, and the interactions among them, and how they map to the project management knowledge areas.
7. Explain the strategic planning process and apply different project selection methods
8. Understand the importance of good project scope, time, cost, quality, and HR management including demonstrating processes, techniques, and best practices.
9. Demonstrate how PM software can assist in different project management knowledge areas and applying on a team-based case study.
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ref. books 1. Fairley, Richard E. Managing and leading software projects. John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
2. Villafiorita, Adolfo. Introduction to software project management. CRC Press, 2014.
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textbook Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, Cengage Learning.
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