code NE364
credit_hours 3
title Engineering Economy
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prequisites 54 Credit Hours
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes A study of basic concepts emphasizing analysis of aggregate economy. Examination of the processes of price determination and calculation of optimum demand for maximum profit. Basic principles of money-time relationship. Methods of investment assessment and fundamental techniques of comparison of investment opportunities. Theories of depreciation of physical facilities and study of cost recovery systems.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Introducing the basic knowledge and theoretical background related to economy and cost analysis in addition to conducting comparing alternatives into systems engineering.
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ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook “Engineering Economy” 9th edition, Authors: P. DeGarmo – W. Sullivan Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Co.
arabic textbook
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Course Content
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1 Introduction to economy concepts
2 Cost Analysis
3 Principles of economic environment
4 Concept of economic equivalence
5 Principles of time-money relationships
6 Sinking fund factor
7 7th Week Exam.
8 Uniform Gradient Factors
9 Nominal and effective interest rates
10 Application of Engineering Economy
11 Analysis of Equivalence worth.
12 12th Week Exam.
13 Savings and Investment
14 Depreciation
15 Cost Recovery System
16 Final Exam.