code NC252
credit_hours 3
title Principles of Marketing
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Description/Outcomes Shows how marketing is everywhere. It also tells how marketing has grown as the belief that organizations do best by caring for their customers ,which looks beyond buying and selling to examine marketing`s role and responsibilities in society. examine marketing as `the place where the selfish interests of the manufacturer coincide with the interest of society, takes the discussion from what marketing does to how marketing is done. In developing the strategic marketing planning process, it looks at how marketing fits with other business activities and how it is organized. Most importantly, it introduces the marketing activities appearing elsewhere in Principles of Marketing and shows how they combine to make modern marketing.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1-Identify and explain the different types of Marketing.
2-Explain the value of marketing in modern business management and operations.
3-Identify and describe different types of marketing methodologies
4-State the difference between marketing and digital marketing inside an organization.
5-Define the term organization and identify its components.
6-Define data management concepts and terms.
7-Analyze and design a solution for digital marketing.
8-Discuss the ethical issues involved in developing and interacting with Marketing.
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ref. books Principles of Marketing.
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textbook Marketing Management 14E Kotler , Keller
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