code NC172
credit_hours 3
title Fundamentals of Business
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of business, including the conceptual and economic foundations of business, the types of business firms, and the basic business s such as marketing, production, sales, and finance. This course also presents a survey of the s of business, a comparison of the forms or organizations and methods of administration and the interdependence of production, distribution and finance in modern business.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1-Conduct business in the global economy.
2-Start and expand a small business.
3-Manage a business, information systems, and production.
4-Manage employees.
5-Develop marketing strategies to satisfy customers.
6-Manage accounting and financial resources.
arabic objectives
ref. books C. Hill, Global Business Today, McGraw-Hill.
M. Mescon, C. Bovee, J. Thill, Business Today, Prentice Hall.
arabic ref. books
textbook Ronald J. Ebert and Ricky W. Griffin Business Essentials, Pearson.
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