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title Physical Oceanography
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Description/Outcomes The Oceans: Features of Sea Floor: (continental shelf, continental slope, ridges, seamounts, submarine canyons,) physical properties of sea water: (salinity, temperature, pressure, density,).Ocean Circulation: Wind-driven current (Ekman Current), principal Oceanic currents and general atmospheric circulation. Tides and Tidal Currents:. Types of tides, Tide generating forces, spring and neap tids, tidal harmonic constituents- tidal currents- tidal datums and tidal records. Ocean Waves: Wind waves, generation and growth, wave mechanics, types of waves: (Capillary, Gravity, Seciches, Storm Surge, Internal, Tsunami, Tides)- Wave measurements. –Waves and ships. Coastal Oceanography: Wave breaking and surf, wave transformation and energy dissipation, Estuarine Environment- Sound and Optics in the sea: Acoustic properties, optic properties.
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