code MT755
credit_hours 3
title Marine Accident Investigations
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes International Obligations: Conventions and protocols – Convention provisions touching on accident touching investigation – Resolution and circulars. Investigative Purposes and Procedures: Proposes and types of investigation, initiation of investigation, Documentary evidence, Physical evidence, Examination of witness, Records of testimony, liaison with other authorities. Analysis of evidence: General aspects, Technical aspects, Human aspects Determination of sequence of events and casual factors. Inquiry reports: Content of reports attachment of documentary evidence. Administration of Investigations: Enabling Legislation, Appointment of investigation, Guidance to investigators, Informal inquiries preliminary inquiries, formal hearings, the investigator's administrative role at formal hearings, the investigator's advisory role at formal hearings, appearance at a formal hearing Co-operation with other states, costs of inquiries and hearings. Findings and Recommendations: Recommendations on standards, recommendations on research, recommendations of information. Case study on collision's pollution- implications of investigation results- Implications of investigations results- submissions to IMO. Engine-room fire- capsize- case study grounding.
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