code MT724
credit_hours 3
title Ship's Surveying
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Introduction to Surveying: definition, administration, approval, international voyage, short voyage, chemicals tankers- Certificates and documents for all ships- Certificates of special purpose ships: diving, mobile offshore craft- Types of surveys under the guideline of IMO conventions surveys, periodical survey, intermediate survey, mandatory annual surveys, additional surveys, additional survey, unscheduled inspection- Inspection of current certification and record books for ship examination documents- Inspection document of hull machinery, and life saving appliances- Survey equipment for hull machinery, cargoship- Survey of life saving appliances- Survey of firefighting equipment- Survey of navigation equipment- Organization conducting survey- The role of IMO- The role of government- The role of classification societies- Provisions for port state control- Ship’s below convention size- Substandard Ships- Description of various types of survey- Inspection of hull and outside bottom: frequency, additional survey, completion survey.
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