code MM777
credit_hours 3
title Marine and Offshore Safety
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Main risks. Classification and survey regulations. Safety case approach. Goal setting. Verification schemes. The Safety Management System. Offshore risk assessment. Quantitative risk assessment. Safety of topside structure. Safety considerations of topside facilities and equipment. Personnel safety considerations. Fire-fighting equipment. Active fire protection. Passive fire protection. Life-saving appliances. Emergency systems. Safety aspects of underwater structure and systems. Design stage. In-serve stage.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The student should be able to:rn Identify and specify the main risks affecting marine and offshore structures and systems for both the under water structure and topside facilitiesrn Perform safety assessment using modern techniques and toolsrn
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Course Content
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1  Main risks
2  Classification and survey regulations
3  Safety case approach
4  Goal setting and Verification schemes
5  The Safety Management System
6  Offshore risk assessment
7  Quantitative risk assessment
8  Safety of topside structure
9  Safety considerations of topside facilities and equipment
10  Personnel safety considerations
11  Fire-fighting equipment
12  Life-saving appliances
13  Emergency systems
14  Safety aspects of underwater structure and systems
15  Design stage and in-serve stage