code MM545
credit_hours 3
title Ship Resistance and Powering
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prequisites MM241 + MM447
credit hours 3
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To acquaint the student with the different methods of ship power predictions and conventional methods for propeller design. The student will be able to assess the machinery power needed to propel the ship at a certain design speed.
arabic objectives
ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook E. C. Tupper," Introduction to Naval Architecture", latest Edition
arabic textbook
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction to ship resistance, and the use of dimensional analysis.
2 Frictional resistance.
3 Wave making resistance.
4 Other components of resistance.
5 Use of models to determine ship resistance.
6 Relation of hull form to resistance.
7 Application of different methods to determine ship resistance+7th Week Exam.
8 Different methods of ship propulsion.
9 Theory of propeller action.
10 Theory of propeller action.
11 Propeller geometry.
12 Law of similitude for propellers +12th Week Exam.
13 Interaction between hull and propeller.
14 Cavitations.
15 Propeller design, machinery power calculation.
16 Final Exam.