code MM429
credit_hours 3
title Electrical Ship Design
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prequisites EE329
credit hours 3
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objectives •To give Marine Engineering students an integrated treatment of the essentials of power systems on board ships, and to cover the main topics of electric ship design.
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ref. books •Hans Woud and D. Stapersma, , “Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems” IMAREST publications, latest edition
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1 Elements of Power Systems: Classification of Power Systems Zones. Generators. Transformers. Bus Bars. Distribution Circuits. Motors. Cables
2 DC Radial Distributors with Concentrated Loads: Kinds of dc distributors. Voltage and current profiles of dc distributors fed from one end. Effect of feeding from both ends. Uniformly Loaded distributors: Uniformly loaded distributors. Power loss in uniformly loaded distributors
3 D.C. Three Wire Distributors: Advantages of three wire distributor compared with two wire distributor. Three wire distributor balancing set. Voltage and power loss in three wire distributors. DC Ring Distributor: DC ring distributor sector currents and voltage . Effect of interconnection. Economic aspects and distributors comparison.
4 AC Radial Distributors: A.C. radial distributor analysis and vector diagram. Power factor correction and its effect on distribution voltage profile AC Ring Distributor: A.C. ring distributor currents and voltages
5 Cables: Classification of cables. Cables construction. Cable capacitance
6 Per-unit system: Single phase system. Three phase system. Transformers representation in power system Symmetrical faults: Circuit transients. Power system three phase short circuit. Behavior of Synchronous machine during three phase short circuit. The impedance diagram. Short circuit level.
7 Protection elements (1): Classification of protection according to . Characteristics and kinds of protective fuses. Characteristics and kinds of circuit breakers Protection elements (2): Instrument transformers, kind and applications. Choice of current transformers, Characteristics of over current relays+7th Week Exam.
8 Review of ship definitions, types, dimensions, capacities, general arrangements…etc.
9 Resistance and propulsion, hull resistance, propulsion, propulsion chains, power demand.
10 Type of energy, energy conversion, overview of energy conversion, energy flow diagram.
11 Power plant concepts, mechanical concepts, redundancy, engine room layout.
12 Overview of main machinery, prime movers, marine fuels, transmission components, electrical components, propulsors +12th Week Exam.
13 Propeller performance, open water diagram, four quadrant diagrams, CP propellers
14 Matching propulsion engine to propellers, basic matching, and transformation of ship resistance to engine brake power, off design conditions, simplified method of calculations, applications and exercise.
15 Effects on ship design and performance, All Electric Ship AES Case study.
16 Final Exam.