code MM323T
credit_hours 3
title Marine Diesel Engines III
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prequisites S300-MM221T
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes 1. Define the construction of marine diesel engines b,f x x xrn2. Apply the basic methodologies used in selecting method of dieselrnengines maintenance .rn3. Explain the different types of Diesel Engine Maintenance. rn4. Understand the Precautions to be taken before maintenance .rn5. Solve marine engineering problems.
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objectives This syllabus covers the requirements of the STCW-78, as amended. In particular Chapter III, Section AIII/1for the “Marine Engineering at the Operational Level” and the of “Maintenance andrnRepair at the Operational Level, STCW-78, as amended. The syllabus designed with the guide of IMOrnModel course7.04,version2014,1and3.Thisal elementprovidesthedetailedknowledgernto support the training outcomes related to Maintenance and Repair at the Operational Level.
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