code MKT211E
credit_hours 3
title Principles of Marketing
arbic title
prequisites MGT121E
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This introductory course exposes students to nature and scope of marketing, marketing systems, the marketing environment, definition of market, market segmentation and buyer’s behavior. Furthermore, students shall be exposed to product development, pricing, promotion and basic distribution strategies and more importantly the application of these topics to the Egyptian environment and market.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Understand the definition, nature and scope of marketing.rn-Acquire a full understanding about marketing strategy, environment and process.rn-Exposure to product, service and branding strategies. rn-Acquire knowledge about pricing, promotion and distribution approaches and strategies.rn-Exposure to contemporary issues in marketing
arabic objectives
ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook Journal of Marketingrn-Marketing, Real People, Real Choices- 4th edition, Solomon, Marshall & Stewart rn-Introduction to Marketing, Kotler & Armstrongrn
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