code MGT221E
credit_hours 3
title Production & Operations Mgt.
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prequisites MGT212E
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The materials in this course are intended as an introduction to the field of production and operations management. The subjects matter incorporates concepts from general management, accounting, marketing, and industrial engineering. The topics covered, include both strategic issues and practical applications. Among the topics included in this course are forecasting, capacity planning, location planning, and others. ting, and industrial sections are intended as an introduction .
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The objective of this course is to provide a clear presentation of the concepts, tools, and applications of the field of production and operations management. It introduce the quantitative models that help the decision makers in the decision making process. By this course the students will learn how to formulate and solve different quantitative models.
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textbook Williams J. Stevenson: Operations Management, 8th editionrnarabic textbook
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