code MGT121E
credit_hours 3
title Principles of Management (2)
arbic title
prequisites MGT111E
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces the contemporary approaches to management. It provides a strong background on the main management s from a practical point of view and establishes a distinctive emphasis on the manager`s skills required to cope with today`s changing environment
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To provide a sound foundation for understanding the key issues in the field of management.rn- To offer a strong practical focus and cover the latest research studies in contemporary management. rn- To help students build analytical, diagnostic, team-building, and writing skills by getting them engaged in real life cases and experiential exercises.
arabic objectives
ref. books Harvard Business Reviewrn Academy of Management journalrn Academy of Management Review,, www.ama.comrnrn
arabic ref. books
textbook Stephen P. Robbins, & David A. Decenzo., Fundamentals Of Management, 5th Ed., N.J. Prentice Hall
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