code ME591
credit_hours 3
title Mechatronics
arbic title
prequisites CC442
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes a- Knowledge and Understanding Through knowledge and understanding, students will be able to:rna.m.3) The principles of sustainable design and developmentrn rnb- Intellectual Skills Through intellectual skills, students will be able to:rnb.m.1) Identify at an appropriate level the design, production, interfacing and software needs of different parts of Mechatronics systemsrn rnc- Professional Skills Through professional and practical skills, students will be able to:rnc.2) Professionally merge the engineering knowledge, understanding, and feedback to improve design, rnProducts and/or servicesrnc.3) Create and/or re-design a process, component or system, and carry out specialized engineering designsrnc.5) Use computational facilities and techniques, measuring instruments, workshops and laboratory equipment to design experiments, collect, analyze and interpret resultsrnc.m.1) Compete, in-depth, in at least one engineering discipline, namely mechanics, electronics or Interfacing and softwarernc.m.4) Apply the principles of sustainable design and development rn
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives •Understand and analyze the Mechatronics systemsrn•Introducing the key elements, techniques, control, and design process user for Mechatronics system designrn•Study the important components Data Acquisition Systems (DAS).rn
arabic objectives
ref. books • J.E.Carryer, R.M.Ohline, and T.W.Kenny, ” Introduction to Mechatronic design”, Latest Edition, PEARSON Publishing Company.rn• J.P. Holman, W.J Gaida, “Experimental Methods for Engineer”, McGraw Hill, Latest Edition.rn• M.B.Histand & D. G. Alciatore” Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems”, McGraw-Hill, Latest Editionrn
arabic ref. books
textbook D. Shetty & R.A.Kolk ? Mechatronics System design?, Latest Edition, PWS Publishing Company
arabic textbook
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction to Mechatronics Systems
2 Mechatronics of System Performance
3 Computer Control
4 Z-transform
5 Discrete Controllers I
6 Discrete Controllers II
7 7th week exam / 7th week evaluation
8 Interfacing Sensors and Actuators to Computer
9 Real-Time Interfacing
10 Computer I/O Cards and Software I
11 Computer I/O Cards and Software II
12 12th week exam / 12th week evaluation
13 Data Acquisition and Control Case Studies.
14 Liquid Level Control
15 Robotics Applications
16 Final Examination