code ME583
credit_hours 3
title Vehicle Control & safety Systems
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prequisites ME481
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes a- Knowledge and UnderstandingrnThrough knowledge and understanding, students will be able to:rna.6) Quality assurance systems, codes of practice and standards, health and safety requirements and environmental issues.rna.7) Business and management principles relevant to engineering.rna.p.4) The constraints which mechanical power and energy engineers have to judge to reach at an optimum solutionrna.m.2) Fundamentals of problem identification, formulation and solution in the inter-disciplinary fields of Mechatronicsrna.a.1) Detailed knowledge and understanding of the themes and specialist subjects of the automotiverna.a.5) The hardware, software and networks of computer systems used in automotive industry logistics and Performance evaluationrna.a.6) The drivability, safety limitations and compulsory tests especially applied in automotive engineeringrnb- Intellectual SkillsrnThrough intellectual skills, students will be able to:rnb.12) Create systematic and methodic approaches when dealing with new and advancing technology.rnb.a.3) Create solutions to automotive engineering especially to manufacturing and maintenance problems in a creative way, taking account of industrial and commercial constraintsrnc- Professional SkillsrnThrough professional and practical skills, students will be able to:rnc.p.5) Design, operate, repair and maintain fluid hydraulic power systems for diverse applicationsrnc.p.7) Work in mechanical power and energy operations, maintenance and overhaulrnc.a.2) Experience at an appropriate level to use computer-aided design, analysis, logistics and maintenance packages relevant to automotive engineeringrnc.a.3) Application of fault diagnosis procedures using the automotive industry special instrumentation to identify production and operation problems
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives ï‚· To enable students to understand the present the theory, principle of operation and application of the various modern automotive control and safety systems.rnï‚· To teach students fundamentals of active and passive safetyrnï‚· To help students acquire the ability to do simple design calculations
arabic objectives
ref. books  Julian happian, Smith “An introduction to Modern Vehicle Design”rn Ogata, K., Modern Control Engineering, Prentics Hall Int., Inc., 1997, 3rd edition.rn Kershaw, John F., "Automotive Control Systems: For Engine, Driveline and vehicle", Pearson Education, 2005.
arabic ref. books
textbook Kershaw, John F., "Automotive Control Systems: For Engine, Driveline and vehicle", Pearson Education, Latest Edition.
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Main Vehicle Control
2 Modeling of Vehicle
3 Modeling of Vehicle (Cont.)
4 Cruise Control
5 Adaptive Cruise Control
6 Adaptive Cruise Control-
7 Intelligent vehicle High Way System (IVHS) / 7th week evaluation
8 Active Control
9 Passive Control
10 Safety requirements
11 Active and semi active Suspension
12 Emission Control / 12th week evaluation
13 Restraint System Electronics
14 Restraint System Electronics- cont.
15 Rivision
16 Final Examination