code ME481
credit_hours 3
title Automotive Technology
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prequisites ME381
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes a- Knowledge and Understanding Through knowledge and understanding, students will be able to:rna.6) Quality assurance systems, codes of practice and standards, health and safety requirements and environmental issues.rna.7) Business and management principles relevant to engineering.rna.p.4) The constraints which mechanical power and energy engineers have to judge to reach at an optimum solution.rna.a.1) Detailed knowledge and understanding of the themes and specialist subjects of the automotive rnb- Intellectual Skills Through intellectual skills, students will be able to:rnb.12) Create systematic and methodical approaches when dealing with new and advancing technology.rnb.a.2) The ability to assess and analyze information in support of problem solving, design and development, rnc- Professional Skills Through professional and practical skills, students will be able to:rnc.p.5) Design, operate, repair and maintain fluid hydraulic power systems for diverse applicationsrnc.p.7) Work in mechanical power and energy operations, maintenance and overhaulrn rn
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objectives •Identify the different systems of the motor car. rn•Understand the theory and operation of each systemrnrn
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ref. books •Martin W. Stockel, "Auto Mechanics Fundamentals" rn•Julian Happian Smith, "An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design".rn•William k. Toboldt & Larry Johnson “Automotive Encyclopedia”
arabic ref. books
textbook •Heisler, Heinz. “Vehicle And Engine Technology”, Butterworth-Heini. – Latest Edition.
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Course Content
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1 Introduction, history of automotive industry, automotive tools & measuring instruments
2 Motronic System
3 engine sensors and actuators
4 automotive clutch
5 manual transmissions
6 automatic transmission
7 Steering system / 7th week evaluation
8 Wheel angles
9 suspension system
10 Brake system (disc brake)
11 Brake system (drum brake)Tires
12 Tires / 12th week evaluation
13 vehicle heating and air conditioning systems.
14 electrical vehicles
15 Rivision
16 Final Examination