code ME276
credit_hours 3
title Stress Analysis
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prequisites ME274
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes a- Knowledge and Understanding Through knowledge and understanding, students will be able to:rna.1) Concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences, appropriate to the disciplinerna.3) Characteristics of engineering materials related to the disciplinerna.4) Principles of design including elements design, process and/or a system related to specific disciplines.rna.p.7) Basic theories and principles of some other engineering and mechanical engineering disciplinesrn Providing support to mechanical power and energy disciplines.rn rnb- Intellectual Skills Through intellectual skills, students will be able to:rnb.2) Select appropriate solutions for engineering problems based on analytical thinking.rnb.9) Judge engineering decisions considering balanced costs, benefits, safety, quality, reliability, and environmental impactrnb.11) Analyze results of numerical models and assess their limitations.rnb.12) Create systematic and methodic approaches when dealing with new and advancing technology.rn rn
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objectives To present the advanced concepts and modern techniques of stress and strain analysis with applications to mechanical components and various structures and to introduce the students to the finite element method
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ref. books • Beer and Johnson "Mechanics of Materials", McGraw Hill, 1992, 2nd edition.rn• Benham, Crawford and Armstrong "Mechanics of Engineering Materials", Prentice Hall, 1996, 1st edition.rn• West "Fundamentals of Structural Analysis" John Wiley and Sons, 1993, 1st edition.rn• Gere and Timoshenko "Mechanics of Materials ", PWS. Publisher, 1997, 4th edition.rn• Muvadi and Mcnabb "Engineering Mechanics of Materials", Macmillan Pr., 1984, 2nd edition.rn• Hibbeler "Mechanics of Materials", Prentice Hall, 2007, 7th edition.rn
arabic ref. books
textbook R. C. Hibbler, “Mechanics of Materials,” Latest edition.
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Course Content
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1 Introduction to the concept of stress and strain: Normal stresses and strains.
2 Shear stresses, shearing strains and bearing stresses.
3 Shear stresses and deformations due to torsion.
4 Normal forces, shearing forces and bending moments in beams.
5 Stresses due to bending.
6 Stress and strain transformations: Introduction.
7 Stress and strain transformations: Principal stresses and planes and Mohr`s circle of stress / 7th week evaluation
8 Maximum shear stress, yield criteria, analysis of strain.
9 Analysis of stresses in thin walled and thick walled pressure cylinders.
10 Stress concentration in machine elements.
11 Experimental stress analysis: strain gauges.
12 Deflection due to bending: Double integration / 12th week evaluation
13 Deflection due to bending: Strain energy and Castigliano`s method..
14 Buckling of columns: Euler equation.
15 Buckling of columns: Eccentric loading of slender columns.
16 Final examination