code IS463
credit_hours 3
title Knowledge Management
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prequisites CS366
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course studies knowledge management within the context of large organizations, particularly those conducting business over Internet. Topics include knowledge management (KM) process model and lifecycle case studies of effective KM in organizations e-business frameworks and models XML and its use in e-business transactions and services the role of standards in effecting inter-enterprise process models and workflows the intelligent integration and interchange of information among business partners web service architectures and standards and security and digital rights management in e-business environments.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Understand what knowledge management is.
2. Learn the evolution of Knowledge Enabled Customer Relationship Management.
3. Understand the role of Knowledge Management in modern organizations
4. Use information technology for knowledge management
5. Use intelligent technologies and systems for knowledge management
6. Apply knowledge management systems
arabic objectives
ref. books Elias M Awad and Hassan. Ghaziri Knowledge Management PHI Learning, Inc..
arabic ref. books
textbook Kimiz Dalkir, Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice(MIT Press).
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course file 4_IS463__NOT_OFFERED_THIS_SEMESTER.pdf
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