code IS372
credit_hours 3
title Information Systems Theory And Practice
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prequisites IS171
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Dealing with the Information Systems as it is being practiced in organizations today, the emphasis of this course is on the current issues that information systems executives find important its organization is around a framework that students can understand. The course includes the rising societal risks of IT, digital convergence, messaging, and instant messaging, wireless technology, outsourcing and information security. The course merges theory with practice through real-world case examples.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1-Understand the main concepts of using and managing information systems.
2-Understand the relationship between business strategies and IS strategy.
3-Describe the key components of an IS strategy.
4-Explain how IS/IT provides a competitive advantage to organizations.
5-Describe the five competitive forces model and the value chain model.
6-Understand how IT supports communications and collaboration.
7-Describe how IS supports and automates business processes
8-Discuss IT architecture and infrastructure issues and designs.
9-Explain IT governance and define the ways decisions are made in an organization.
10-Understand IS planning and development.
arabic objectives
ref. books Ellen F. Monk and Bret J. Wagner, Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning, Course Technology.
McNurlin, B. and Sprague, R., Information Systems Management in Practice, Prentice Hall.
arabic ref. books
textbook K. Pearlson & C. Saunders, Strategic Management of Information Systems, Wiley & SonsrnLtd.
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