code IM539
credit_hours 3
title International Business Management
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Introduction to International Business and Globalization. International Trade Theory and The Political Economy of International Trade. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Regional Economic Integration. The Foreign Exchange Market. Exporting, Importing & Strategic Alliances. Accounting & Financial Management in Intl. Business. Global Production, Outsourcing and Logistics and Global Marketing and R&D. The Organization of International Business. Global Human Resources Management and Differences in Culture. The Strategy of Intl. Business. Global Issues for Engineering & Construction.
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objectives The objective of this course – which is a part of the college requirements - is to introduce the students from different disciplines to the ever-growing field of international business. It tackles the main issues of the evolution of firm strategy as part of the internationalization process, plus the countervailing forces that firms are likely to encounter during that process. In addition, the elements of the external international business environment are briefly introduced. The student will be better able to interact with the business world in the environment of globalization. The objectives of the course are to:rn•Introduce the student to the contemporary issues in international business that illustrates the unique challenges of international business, especially in relation to the E&C industryrn•Explore ways firms position themselves to compete in the global marketplace: by developing global strategies, entering foreign markets, and developing global marketing plansrn•Keep the student abreast of current events as they relate to understanding the world of international businessrn•Develop the written and oral skills in analyzing business issues through research, writing, and discussion of current events.rn
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textbook Hill, C. W. (2014) International Business: Competing in the Global Market Place, 10th Edition, McGraw-Hill.rnYates, J. K. (2007) Global Engineering and Construction. John Wiley and Sons.rn
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