code HM437
credit_hours 3
title Hotel Cost Control
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prequisites EY131
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Familiarizing students with various cost control techniques.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. The course will introduce students to various cost control systems in order to limit expenses or at least hold them at levels that produce reasonably net incomes. rnstudents rn2. Students will have understanding of:rn• Types of costsrn• Cost Control by Budgetingrn• Inventory Cost Controlrn• Evaluating Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Results
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ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook Cost control for hospitality, fifth edition
arabic textbook
objective set bullets
content set combined
Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction to hotel Costs control
2 Types of cost
3 Costs and Decision Making
4 Cost Control by Budgeting
5 Computers and food cost control
6 Food Purchasing, Receiving and Inventory
7 7th week exam
8 Purchasing and Inventory Cost Control
9 Beverage purchasing, Receiving and Inventory
10 Control of Other Direct and Indirect Costs
11 Evaluating Food Cost Results
12 12th week exam
13 Measurement of Labor Cost
14 Labor Cost Standards
15 Review
16 Final Exam