code HM432
credit_hours 3
title Hotel Equipment and Machinery
arbic title
prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Getting students familiar with different equipment and machinery found in the hotel.rn
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The objective of this course is to make students familiar with the different outlets and departments in the hotel, and the equipment and machines needed in each outlet.rn
arabic objectives
ref. books Foster Dennis Hotel management operation rnFoster Dennis The business of hospitality , B.O. operationrnFred Lawson Principles of catering designrnFred Lawson Hotels, motels , condominiums design planning and maintenancern
arabic ref. books
textbook Compiled material delivered by the lecturer
arabic textbook
objective set bullets
content set combined
Course Content
content serial Description
1 Tourism and accommodation
2 Marketing and location
3 Location analysis and planning considerations
4 Market classification and development
5 Investment appraisal and Principles of hotel design
6 Constructional features
7 7th week exam
8 Interior construction aspects./ Field Trip
9 Circulation
10 Space requirements
11 Kitchen
12 12th week oral presentation
13 Continue : the kitchen
14 Storage area / dishwashing area
15 Students revision
16 Final exam