code HM131
credit_hours 3
title Introduction to Hospitality Management
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Provide fundamental working knowledge about every aspect of the hospitality industry.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Describe the characteristics of the hospitality industry.rn2. Identify the possible career path in the industry.rn3. Know the history and development of the hospitality industry.rn4. Outline the duties and responsibilities of the hospitality industry workers.rn5. Identify various techniques for the hospitality operation.
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ref. books
arabic ref. books
textbook Introduction to Hospitality, john walker,2006, pearson
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Welcome to the hospitality industry. Corporate philosophy. Characteristics of the hospitality industry.
2 Careers in hospitality
3 Tourism new concepts and the hotel business
4 Classifications of hotels
5 Rooms division operations
6 Culinary arts and food and beverage operations
7 7th week exam
8 Restaurant operations and managed service / Field Trip
9 Beverages and bars
10 Recreation and gaming entertainment
11 Meetings, conventions and exhibitions
12 12th week exam
13 Leadership and management
14 Hospitality marketing
15 Human resources management
16 Final Exam