code GM427
credit_hours 3
title Video Streaming
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prequisites GM111, CE231
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course introduces the technology of streaming: the process of sending audio and video over computer networks in real time. The course teaches the students the basics of capturing sounds and moving images to a computer hard drive, converting them to files optimized for Internet transmission, and broadcasting them to whoever wants to listen or watch. The course also covers a range of topics including audio and video hardware and software, media software vendors, networking technologies and streaming media servers. The course will also discuss some of the leading non-proprietary streaming technologies and the set of standards, and audio video encoders and plug-ins.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Understand the streaming media and Synchronized Multimedia.
2. Explain how streaming media works.
3. Understand importance and applications of media streaming.
4. Describe the streaming process.
5. Understand audio and video capturing and inputs.
6. Understand Fundamentals of audio and video recording.
7. Understand audio and video encoding and optimization for streaming.
8. Understand Video Streaming over a Peer-to-Peer Network and evaluate Video Streaming Protocols.
arabic objectives
ref. books K. David Austerberry, The Technology of Video and Audio Streaming, Elsevier.
arabic ref. books
textbook Ce Zhu, Yuenan Li and Xiamu Niu, Streaming Media: Architectures, Techniques, and Applications Recent Advances, IGI Global.
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